Isa Is An Isa
Isa is an Isa

I’ve made three versions of Samandriel’s little head torture device so far

(Left to right: felt, craft foam, wood)

Technically the wood one is functional??
I mean, I didn’t make the needles sharp or anything, but it attaches to a head and allows you to concisely mark points of a skull
(and it’s signed by Mark Sheppard haaaaa)

I’m not sure at which point I was supposed to have admitted that I have a problem but that ship has definitely sailed.

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Samandriel’s Head Torture Thing WIP Photos

Made mostly from the foam I found around the house, I did this in the roughly eight hours before the convention
Most of that time was paint drying and tumbling and guessing whether or not something would work so I’m sure a determined person can knock it out in like five hours

And that’s it?
I stopped taking pictures near the end since I just wanted to finish, so I hope that  anybody hoping to use this can just figure it out

Good luck~

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~*~Pink Satiny Panties Saturday~*~

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Samandriel props are done!

Samandriel props are done!

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