Isa Is An Isa
Isa is an Isa


Went to Goodwill for jeans, accidentally found the suspenders from “It’s a Terrible Life”

I have appeased the cosplay gods and was rewarded

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I got paid!
That means a trip to the gas station and to the grocery store and to Home Depot so I can start on some commissions!
Oh it’s feels good to be back in business!!!

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I might want to make a post about how many different brown wigs I have

People keep thinking it’s my hair doing the thing it’s wigs I’m a liar

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He always looks so betrayed anytime anyone stabs him
John— About Gabe being stabbed by Dean
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I’ve got an interview on Monday

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Anon is now off

Not because I was called Pretentious and Condescending, but because someone felt the need to send an ask describing gore and body horror.

I’m not sure why you felt the need to do that

But I can’t stop myself from hoping that one day you’ll have to experience the same things that I had to experience

And you’ll understand why what you did was so cruel

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Because of you I appreciate Sam Winchester FAR more than I did when I started Supernatural. Thank you for showing me how great he is through your posts and cosplays and stuff! (P.s. I also ship wincest now)



He’s actually helped me a lot too because I relate to him so much that when I start defending his actions I feel like I am my own cheerleader

And when I see Sam-hate I feel this urge to shove people into a wall, which is a stark difference between how upset I get when people send me Isa-hate

So yeah
Loving Sam Winchester has helped me love myself a little bit??

Oh god I can’t even get into this without getting all cheesy and shit but in the end yes please appreciate Sam Winchester

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I grew like, six seasons

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When was the last time I needed a wig for Sam though?

When was the last time I needed a wig for Sam though?

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Isa (blubbering): I really... Like... Sam....
John: That's good!
John: shh shh baby, that's good!
John: you also like showers?
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We get to play the survival game this week!
It’s actually really fun; you put all of your money in the gas tank because your job requires you to drive to Lakeland which is an hour away

And then you make meals for every day until payday Thursday out of whatever you can find around the house!

Liiiiiiiiiiiiiike stale tortillas! Aaaaaand ice cream that smells like frozen mice (because we keep Ginny well-fed but the smell leaks). And also pasta without sauce!

Being an adult is not only a wonderful way to explore your culinary creativity but is also a good way to learn not to be a little pissbaby about whether or not something tastes good!

Try it today!

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John: I love you. Even when you're being a little bitch.
Isa (in mock offense): When am I ever a little bitch??
John: Never. You are never a little bitch.
John: OW! Oh ow, okay my tummy didn't like that.
John: Tummy doesn't like it when I lie.
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John thought it would be fun to answer anon’s call to drinking

So, kiddos, bottom’s up for Isaqueer

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My computer stopped wanting to work so Girlfriend and I are answering anons if any of you guys are interested

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Ten followers away from my next mark and I’m just looking at the un-rounded number with squinty eyes

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