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Isa is an Isa


My cosplay at Dallas Con over a month ago vs. Sam in the preview for tomorrow’s episode

Not bad for a couple of seconds of flashes in the season preview, right?

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Any anons trying to help us would do better off anon

Thank you

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Last night Girlfriend fell asleep on my lap and basically she’s the cutest ever

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The First Seal

(black and white charcoal on matboard—commissioned)

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Okay I deleted my SnapChat
My phone and I can only handle so much social interaction apparently

Not to worry though!
I’ve got a twitter (@isasherry)
I’ve got an instagram (@isaisanisa) 
I’ve got a [facebook page] (that I haven’t updated in a bit whoops)
AND I’ve got a [Patreon] (that I -have- been updating)

So….. hopefully no one will miss the snappy chats!

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For the past couple days I’ve had good conversation with multiple people

But I’ve lost the conversation with each of them simultaneously

I always fuck up new friendships

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Every time the new season of a show starts I ALWAYS have to deal with people sending me spoilers unintentionally

Don’t do it
Don’t do it

Don’t say “what do you think about (THIS THING THAT HASN’T AIRED YET)?”

Usually we don’t have a TV
We’re lucky right now to be staying with someone who does
I still get the episode three hours after some of you do
I stay off social media

But messages go to my email

So thank you, everybody who assumed it would be fun to narrate plot points to me in my inbox.
Can’t wait for those things to happen.
On that show I love.
For its constant surprises.

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John’s braiding her hair as she reads and it’s really incredibly adorable

John’s braiding her hair as she reads and it’s really incredibly adorable

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Faces of Courage, a nonprofit camp for kids and women with cancer, is in a online voting contest where they could win $30,000 

This camp is very close to my heart so I would really appreciate your support and your vote

Click to watch the video (or not)
Voting is as easy as signing in with a social media platform

(Thank you! )

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Uploaded a couple of art things to my Patreon that I won’t be posting here

Just giving everybody a heads up!

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I don’t regret chopping my hair off since the style makes sense for me
And I really do like it

But I hate that I don’t also have my Sam hair.
I miss that part a lot.


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John realized that Cole’s Jeep is the same one in 2014!verse

Since she’s basically a Jeep expert, she would know

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My birthday is on Thanksgiving and this year will be the first time for either of those events that I’m not with my family

I said I wouldn’t mind, but I do

Moving sucks

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Listening to the Reign playlist on Spotify and it’s so great

What a great show

Great great great

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