Isa Is An Isa
Isa is an Isa


Erik takes coins from fountains so wishes don’t come true

and he changes clocks when he visits houses

Because Erik’s a little shit

(Charles, Erik, photo)

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I’ve lost five followers in the hour since posting the Cherik cosplays

I’m actually incredibly baffled

Like, I post both Wincest and Destiel

And I’m pretty sure that several thousand people are just waiting for us to do Johnlock again

But we draw the line at x-men cosplay


Gotta unfollow

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(Charles, Erik, Photo)

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I can’t even begin to describe how much magic I used to make that Erik wig work

It was a Goodwill wig I had never used before because it was just so damn awful

Even though it’s a lace top (!!!!!!) the lace was so old that it’s actually unravelling

It’s so hairsprayed because if it wasn’t then the hair fibers fall out in chunks

It’s too small for my head, the original color was a bright ginger, the wig poofs straight up and then out

Geeze, it was such a hassle to tame, I wish I took before pictures

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(Charles, Erik, Photo)

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I’m scared of new seasons

It takes me too long to come to terms with what has already happened,

I can’t handle what may happen later

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At AFO between shoots

At AFO between shoots

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Off to AFO

(Today’s catchphrase is “Isa no! “)

Off to AFO

(Today’s catchphrase is “Isa no! “)

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Just cut John’s hair off for the convention today woo!

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Getting notifications for posts from the deep recesses of my blog

You guys remember us fucking around in the bathroom taking fem!team free will pictures?
Because I forget sometimes

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Taping off 3.75” lines 

Only so you guys can stop asking me if I’m painting Hell

Taping off 3.75” lines

Only so you guys can stop asking me if I’m painting Hell

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This is a big fuckin canvas

also my windows are open and some guy came to our door when I was taking that second picture ugh

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Literally waiting for paint to dry

Literally waiting for paint to dry

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I aspire to be Neal Caffrey.

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