Isa Is An Isa
Isa is an Isa

Raffle Update:
$16/$2,000 raised for Brie.

I’ll take this space to try to convey to you the importance of this project about two girls on opposite sides of the globe.
Both girls cosplay Sherlock Holmes as portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch and both girls followed each other because of their mutual respect for one another. Isa (isaisanisa) really loved Brie (wingsunfurled) because of her interesting take on photoshoots. Brie liked to cosplay famous fanarts instead of screencaps and Isa was fascinated by her. The problem they faced was that since they were on opposite sides of the world (Isa from Amurica, Brie from Australia) their awake times didn’t match up too well. The problem was fixed with late nights and earlier mornings and just the pure DRIVE that keeps two friends in constant contact with each other.
They exchanged Facetime contact information and stayed up all night sewing together and watching tv. They even cosplay each other sometimes because they’re both snarky assholes and think it’s a fun thing to do.
They are just really really good friends that are unfortunate enough to be separated by a great distance.

There’s a convention involved in this. A very special Sherlock Holmes-themed convention named 221b Con. It took a long time for Isa to save up her money to get her and her girlfriend to it and she was very excited to tell everyone that she would be able to go! Brie was excited for her, but she still felt very sad that the con was in America where Isa was and she wouldn’t be able to go. She would have to celebrate her birthday in Australia with giant, venomous spiders instead. This started to make Isa sad too. They figured out that they could bring Brie to America if they could raise $2000 by the end of March from selling their cosplays.

There were a series of gifs that Isa made that started making their way around the internet and Isa had a really really good idea: she would tell raffle tickets and the winner would win the shirt featured in the popular posts! Maybe that way she would be able to raise a larger amount of money since one person may not spend $100 on a shirt, but 100 people might spend $1 on the ability to win the shirt! So many people thought that it was a good idea so she launched the contest and waited eagerly. A good friend of hers entered, but she was the only one.
It was looking like a very bleak ending to what could’ve been a great success so Isa decided to try different tactics to make people more interested in the shirt. The most recent tactic was this attempt to model it stylishly. That post brought another dollar into the pot.

Isa started to think about how she could possibly convey all of the emotions she had towards Brie and the emotional need she felt when she found out that there was a chance she could meet her Australian in person. But she just couldn’t convey it right. She made this post in hopes that her followers would relate to having someone that THEY love on another side of the world and how they would feel if they had the opportunity to meet them.

Please join our raffle.
It’s 1 ticket for $1
6 tickets for $5
and 25 tickets for $20

All dollar amounts are USD and should be sent via Paypal to

Please reblog and support our efforts.
If you were in our situation, what would you have been ready to risk for the ability to finally meet in person?

Thank you for reading

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